Meet The Band

Jon Ranger

Jon was born into a family of super-talented vocalists and musicians.  What would it be like to grow up in a family where everyone was incredibly gifted at the same thing?  How would it affect your sense of self if the most special thing about you was the most common trait within the four walls of your childhood?  Steeped for years in Celine Dion and Michael Bolton, Jon remembers hearing Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker and thinking, “This is the worst singer I’ve ever heard in my life.”  But a seed had been planted, and eventually it grew into an understanding that talent alone is not where the juice is.  The artists we remember are the ones who expose the most vulnerable parts of themselves.  He has made it his life’s mission to go deep into himself and mine for treasures to offer the world.

Ryan Fergon

If Jon is the heart of the band, Ryan is the head.  He never stops thinking about music and how he can improve the way he expresses himself on guitar, even when he wants to.  He fixes guitars, he researches, he collects gear, all in the pursuit of recreating that tone that’s in his head.  The result of all this striving is that every tone and phrase sounds like it couldn’t have been any other way.

Derek Chaney

Derek has lived a lot of places and been a lot of things.  Texas, Arkansas, California, fundamentalist, unbeliever, husband, ex-husband, occasionally all in the same day.  He is currently wrestling with the mysterious idea of being on a journey, while simultaneously also having always arrived.  When he’s not gazing at his navel, he’s being a father and trying to honor the spirit of James Jamerson.

Ryan Culberson

Ryan, or “RC” as he is affectionately known by the band, can often be seen chuckling at the rest of the guys as they bluster and fret over this worry and that.  He has the knowing grin of the buddha, which he earned by spending some time as a dead person.  Dying and then coming back to life has given him the gift of perspective, and he regularly shares this gift with the band when it is sorely needed.  He exudes the calming confidence of a dude who knows exactly what is important and what is not.  Oh, and his groove is as deep as the Marianas Trench. 

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